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How Merch Titans Works

We offer various different tools, services, and a private Facebook members area with your Merch Titans membership.

Our primary services are our Product & Brand Search, Keyword Research, Product SEO Analyzer, Product Tracker, Trademark Alert, and Titans Vault modules.

Keep reading for more information on each module or sign up right now with Merch Titans.

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Product & Brand Search

Product search allows you to quickly search Amazon and pull relevant real-time product data and information for any keyword you enter. You can also search brands and quickly find their top selling products.

Both modules will return the best products with the most relevant information you need:

  • Product BSR
  • Product EMS
  • Product Features
  • Product Description

Keyword Research, Suggestions and Autocomplete

With this module you can search for any keyword you desire. Our tool will then check Amazon to see what other "suggestions" and "autocomplete" keywords there are that are actually being searched for by consumers that are related to your primary keyword.

We then take these keywords and pull the "search volume" from Google and 3rd party partners so that you can quickly get very accurate insights into how many searches per month your primary keyword and all other related keywords are receiving along with competition score, CPC, total products on Amazon per keyword, and more.


Product SEO Analyzer

Product SEO analyzer is an efficient and convenient way to quickly analyze any products on Amazon for their primary or secondary keywords and receive a score on how well their listing is optimized. You can also use this tool to analyze and improve the SEO optimizations of your own products too.

Product Tracker

Our product tracker module will monitor and track the sales fluctuation (Best Seller Rank) of any product you add to it, and display the daily changes on a graph so that you can find out which products are consistently receiving sales and which products are not before you decide to spend your time and energy creating your own. No more guesswork… Know what products and niches are hot before you jump into them!

Product Tracker is a very powerful tool. Here are a few of the features waiting for you inside:

  • Sales history graph
  • Daily real-time notifications
  • Custom weekly emails regarding product evolution
  • Product analytics

Trademark Alerts

With trademark alerts you can easily keep your Merch by Amazon account safe and inside Amazon's guidelines even while having many live products! You can track thousands of trademarks in real time and receive an email notification anytime one of your phrases becomes trademarked.

Titan Vault

Titan Vault is the premier tool for any Merch by Amazon user! This tool allows you to see all of the Merch by Amazon t-shirts sorted by estimated sales, best seller rank, BSR history, and more. You can quickly find and filter a HUGE list of the top selling products on the Merch by Amazon platform. It's the perfect tool for filtering and finding profitable markets, niches, and product ideas in a manner of seconds!


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